76th and Madison 

Nancy Richardson’s work consists of a series of large scale, hyper-real, digitally montaged images of city scenes, flowers, interiors and landscapes. Whether for a street corner, city block or a bucket of flowers, the goal is to create prints with unusual depth of field and sharpness. Using a medium format camera with a digital back and full frame sensor, Richardson maps  a scene or an object as if she were shooting  tracking footage with a video camera. She returns to the city scenes many times over the period of a month or year and shoots at all times of day and in all weathers.The result is an archive of still captures, thousands for the city scenes, that are then stitched, cropped and superimposed on each other to make large images each with multiple points of focus. Many stories seem to unfold simultaneously. The city series is ongoing. These large images are printed in-house  which affords greater control of color and sharpness.